"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Arizona Trees

I love

When we first moved to Arizona I was mesmerized by the tall palm trees!

I would look at them for hours, so different than trees with many branches.

Palo Verde trees are beautiful to me.

Providing refreshing shade in the hot desert.

The yellow spring flowers are beautiful. Yes, it's true the thorns are sharp,

but it is a Desert plant after all.

There was a VERY Tall Eucalyptus tree in Tempe,

it grew over a small irrigation canal.

Some neighbor kids had nailed some boards to the trunk.

If you dared to claim around the trunk and to the top,

then you would be rewarded with a platform to sit on and an inspiring view.

(Now to gather courage, for the climb down)


sandyseashells said...

those are all good memories of those trees.
I've owned all those kind of trees in the homes I lived in,
in Mesa.

Pedaling said...

my kids always wanted a tree to build a fort in or a big climbing one for our yard.....

sweet older sister said...

My kids did too! I told them to plant trees for their kids! Now we have one for the grandkids.

The Vineyard said...

Love big trees that either flower or leaves change colors.

When hiking, I find a lot of comfort under a mesquite as I sip my gatorade or water.