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Psalm 106:1
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Falcone Men

Great Grandpa Guiseppi with Uncles Tony, Mike, Virgil, Joe, John and Rocco.

I remember, Uncle Tony and Uncle John the most, but I did meet Uncle Mike and Uncle Virgil.
I don't remember Uncle Joe or Uncle Rocco.


The Vineyard said...

I've never seen the picture.

sweet older sister said...

I thought you might like it. I got it from Becky Hartman. (My Dad's cousin, about my age) If you want to know about family history, you may want to go to a Falcone reunion some time. They are warm and friendly!

sandyseashells said...

wow. priceless.
I thought maybe Daniel came across it while traveling to Italy.

Pedaling said...

disadvantages of being the youngest...i don't remember any of them.
love the pic, though.

Gram said...

I never saw this picture either. If possible it would be nice if copies can be made and sent to your sisters and me. Great clear picture.

Krista said...

i love that name rocco...thought of it for another boy i might have. i don't think ryan liked it though

sweet older sister said...

Rocco is the best name ever! Whats a matta with you Ryan?