"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Laguna Beach

Always a good idea to go to the beach!
And Great idea to bring a lunch!

And always share it with at least one friend!


sandyseashells said...

That looks delish!
You are the Queen of Picnics
in my book. That gives me another idea. Start putting all your picnic food pictures together for a book!
Yes, a book! We'll get it published, and go on a world tour to promote it. I'll organized the 'book signing' parties!

Pedaling said...

sandy has good business idea's...you should go with it.

ahhh, how I'd love to be at Laguna Beach right now!

pennington family said...

I agree with sheila, I too would love to be at the beach! Its nice that you have gotten to visit all these different beaches lately

sweet older sister said...

Actually, I have looked into catering, I would need a certified kitchen to work in. (Maybe rent a kitchen at nite from a small family business?)Right now I need my job, for the income, trying to simplify so as to not need as much income. And already I am working two jobs if you include Dennis, tho' no money there, but plenty of love. Will continue on with the beads for another 3 years and see where that may lead. Thanks for the encouragement.

sweet older sister said...

I like the book idea. Uncle David had encouraged me to write a cookbook. But the picnic book is a great idea!

Gram said...

If I got things straight--this was a "'girls day out". right? Looks like fun.

sweet older sister said...

Actually Gram, we were scoping out the picnic area to see where we could take Dennis in August.