"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rain Garden?

Have you ever heard of a rain garden? What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a shallow, constructed depression that is planted with deep-rooted native plants & grasses. It is located in your landscape to receive runoff from hard surfaces such as a roof, a sidewalk and a driveway. Rain gardens slow down the rush of water from these hard surfaces, holds the water for a short period of time Rain garden Maplewood, MNand allows it to naturally infiltrate into the ground.

A rain garden can be thought of as a personal water quality system because it filters the runoff from your roof and lawn and recharges the groundwater.

A rain garden also conserves municipal water resources by reducing the need for irrigation.

Rain gardens are a beautiful and colorful way for homeowners, businesses and municipalities to help ease stormwater problems. There is a growing trend by municipalities and homeowners to incorporate natural processes to help relieve flooding and pollution.

I thought this was very interesting. Makes me wish I could stay home working in a garden, rather than an office. Oh Well, "Hiegh Oh Hi Ho it's off to work a Get to go!"

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Pedaling said...

gardening with a purpose...i like that.

The Vineyard said...

I wonder if that would work in AZ?

Gram said...

It is a good idea.