"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
2015 year text

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thinking of Japan

The news has given us pictures of the earthquake and the devastation by the tsunami in Japan.
Then we hear of the nuclear power plants, damaged and releasing radiation contaminating food and water sources. How very sad!

As Jehovah's people our hearts go out to all in Japan, enduring this disaster. We especially want to know how our spiritual brothers and sisters are doing. Kindly, our brothers have posted an early report at www.jw-media.org this report brings out that approx. 2,300 witnesses of Jehovah are in the areas affected by the tsunami. On March 15th early reports confirm two of Jehovah's witnesses dead and 115 missing, five Kingdom Halls were destroyed.

I think of our friends in Japan everyday and I know many prayers are being said in their behalf. May they be strengthened to endure the days and weeks ahead.


The Vineyard said...

Very sad. It is amazing the bond that faith can bring. Whenever there is a tragedy, as well, we hear reports of how the Mormons of those nations are doing. It's hard not to feel connected to total strangers across the world, when you share the same faith.

"No more strangers or foreigners but fellow citizens of God."

sandyseashells said...

yes. the scenes from the news are heartbreaking.
We will remember them in our prayers. So much destruction and sadness.