"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Went to the Movies, tonite.

I don't spend my money on movies very often.
The Help
was one I wanted to see.

I very much liked the story line,
made me cry....
though there were some parts where I did laugh.

Courage in the face of injustice

I would watch it again.
I may have to read this book.


Pedaling said...

I'm going tonight with ted. I read the book and can't wait to see it!
Amber saw it last night with Baylee and Sadie and they all loved it. They cried and laughed too!
Glad you liked it!

Krista said...

yes you have to read the book! i'm seeing it with girlfriends in a couple weeks!

Anonymous said...

GREAT BOOK GREAT MOVIE. I'm so glad you asw it!

Kay said...

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I want to see that movie!
Have a great day.


sandyseashells said...

that sounds like a good one for me and mom to go see. thanks

sandyseashells said...

I went & saw it. I really liked it. The thing I loved was all the 50's-60's props and clothes.

I liked Cisley. (the outcast blond)

The Vineyard said...

I picked up the book at Robyn's and read the first 5 pages and I was hooked. Now I need to go out and buy my own copy and go see the movie.