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Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Is That?

We have three kitties already. However, Son #7 brought another one home. This kitten has a very funny personality, very different from our overly friendly kitties.

Her name is Sarah Shadow Diabla. At first she ALWAYS had her claws out. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
She did not like anybody (not even son#7) and would slink by, like a shadow. Her favorite place is Son #3's room and has decided to adopt him as her very own person.

The funny thing is: She is very good with Lilly, and never claws her when she drags Sarah Shadow around and even takes naps with our little girl. Any way, this kitten makes us laugh. A good reason to keep her around.


Pedaling said...

watch out, before long they may start calling you "the crazy cat lady!"

sweet older sister said...

I have already been called "the crazy cat lady!" But really I share my cats with the family. So, they are not all mine!

The Vineyard said...

I like the shadow devil's name. Cats are funny.

sandyseashells said...

I hope diabla grows into those ears.
Looks like son #3 doesn't mind that he has been adopted. I like cats. they are very smart & interesting to watch.

sandyseashells said...


Is that my HANDSOME nephew DILLON, trimmed up on your sidebar?

that make me happy. (wink)

Gram said...

How does the new cat like the cats that have settled in your home already? Let us know if they learn to love one another.