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Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some One That Inspires Me. (May 7th)

There are so many, many servants of Jehovah that have inspired me.
It is impossible to choose just one, but I have narrowed it down to two.

 Some years ago, I  had the privilege of meeting Max Liebster and his wife, Simone Arnold Leibster 
at a Kingdom Hall in San Diego.
 They were in the United States giving an educational presentation at the Holocaust Museum in LA.
Max Liebster endured the Nazi concentration camps because he was a Jew. 
Simone Arnold endured forcible separation from her family,
 and was put in a Nazi reform School, because she was a faithful witness of Jehovah.
Simone's parents survived the Nazi concentration camps.

Max and Simone have set up The Arnold Liebster Foundation
This foundation seeks to promote, peace, tolerance, 
human rights and religious freedom by peaceful, nonpolitical means.

They do this primarily through education, please look at the Foundation's website, 
you will learn alot and be encouraged to do good!

Besides these two, I have been inspired by the life stories of:
1, Wathana Meas a Buddhist Cambodian who escaped Pol pot and learned Bible truth.
2. Balbir Singh Deo in India, raised as a Sikh. Had a distaste for the role so-called Christians had in politics and nationalistic wars, including the two world wars. But came to understand there is a big difference between Catholic and Protestant religions and what the Bible actually teaches.
3. Isahu Sugirua, a Japanese man who went from Emperor Worship to True Worship by Bible education.
4. Nancy Yuen a Chinese mother, who was separated from her small children and put in a Chinese prison for 20 years. Because she continued in our God-given assignment to preach the Good News of the Kingdom. Her faithful service to God through out those years are indeed inspiring.
5. Lillian Gobitas who in 1935, as a young girl in the US had the courage to put God first and would not participate in the flag salute. (In Germany, at this time, young children were refusing to Hiel Hilter.)
6. Vasily Kalin from the Ukraine was exciled to Siberia for continuing to practice Christianity in a communist country. 
7. And many Rowandians who kept faithful to Christian neutrality and refused to be involved with the genocide and fighting between the Tutsi and Huotu  tribes. 

I am inspired by these and many many others around the world who act on Jesus command to "love Jehovah with all your heart and to love your neighbors as your self" - Matthew 22:37-39

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sandyseashells said...

Those are all people to be inspired by. There are many who have sacrifice their self's to maintain being faithful to God.