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Psalm 106:1
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learning Something New

Not just for sightseeing but to take a class in precious metal clay. (PMC)

We went to Sha Sha's bead spa
in the Jewelry Exchange building
Right in the center of San Diego.

We took a private class, just Sheena and I
We learned about PMC
how it is made and what we can make out of it. 
We learned specific techniques such as: 
How to carve our own texture design,
How to roll the clay, to what thickness, shaping our piece,
how to include a bail (so we can hang our pendant on a chain)
We learned how to set a stone, 
How to quickly dry our piece, then fire it, polish it! 
We even learned how to electro-plate 24ct gold on our silver pendant

Mine is the top one, Sheena's is second
For more info see the link below.

While our pieces were firing we took a walk around downtown.
Sheena shared with me many of the places Dale and her enjoy. 
And we found a brewery we know Dennis and Dale may want to try. 

 But most of all I enjoyed the one on one time with Sheena, doing something we both enjoy.

O YEAH! Across the street was the "BARE BACK GRILL" neither one of us was hungry, but we did stop in to check it out. Sheila, it had games that you could play while you wait for your meal, or just to sit back and enjoy a relaxing night on the town. Jenga at every table, two shuffle board tables, and many board games. It looked like a great place to hang out. Wish I had taken some pictures of that place.

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Pedaling said...

I want to go to Bare Back Grill!

How fun to learn some new techniques and things to do with jewels. I didn't know Sheena was in to that little hobby, too! So fun!