"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Arizona Road Trip

 We headed out to Tucson first, 
hadn't been there in many years. 
The desert there is gorgeous with all the saguaro cactus
Best of all we saw Uncle Jack and Anna
 Russell and Susan and Todd too!
Breakfast and Dinner with them. 
We also, visited with Bill and Laurie and Autumn. 

Next stop MESA! 
We had a short sweet visit with Mom and Vallerie
And went to a Book release, for a first time published writer: 

Shannon Messenger
Author of: 
Keeper of the Lost Cities. 
A middle school fantasy. 
 That was fun and very interesting!

Next up! Cottonwood!

Where a house full of Denton's and 
a game of hearts awaited us!
 Bailey and Mary treated us to a home cooked meal!
 Talk about comfort food!
This was delicious!
Then we hit the road for home.
We had a great trip and thankful we are still able to do it.


Pedaling said...

It's nice to pop in and pop out for a visit!

sandyseashells said...

That's great. Sounds like even though they were quick visits, talking, eating, and catching up with what's going on with the ones we love is wonderful.

The Vineyard said...

I heard you were in town for a little while. Fun trip.