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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why So Many Violent Crimes?

 All crimes are evil.  Mindless, purposeless crimes are harder to understand.There are certain senseless acts of violence that have caused public revulsion. Columbine High School, most recently Sandy Hook Elementary School, have caused great sorrow across the land. After the attack of 9/11, Psycologist Gerard Bailes stated: "It (senseless violence) turns the world into a totally alien, dangerous place in which we cannot predict what is going to happen."


There is no one factor that can explain why a person would walk up to total strangers and kill them. Many experts believe there are a host of factors and circumstances that are catalysts inclining people to commit irrational violent acts.  A report published by the FBI Academy goes as far as to say:
"Homicide is not the act of a sane, sober, individual."
For some reason the thinking of those committing senseless crimes is not normal.
Something has affected their reasoning to the point that they will do the unthinkable.
What are some contributing factors experts feel move people to do such horrible acts of violence?

1. Breakdown of Family
2. Hate Groups, extremists
3. Dangerous Cults
4. Mass Media, violence in entertainment and exposure to actual violence
5. Abuse of Drugs
6. Easy Access to Destructive Weapons
7. Peoples' Inability to Cope
8. Certain Conditions of Mental Illness.

Does the Bible give us insight as to the reason why people act in such extreme ways?
Turn to 2 Timothy 3:3, 4 for an accurate description of attitudes we commonly see.
These scriptures state that people would have, "no natural affection" they would be "without self-control, fierce, with out love of goodness" 
Jesus was quoted as saying: "The love of the greater number would cool off." (Matthew 24:12)

Yes, the Bible says, "In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here" -2 Timothy 3:1

Do you see evidence that we are living at the end of the present system of things?
Conditions, along with people's attitudes are on the downhill slide. Can we expect an immediate solution? Again, God's word tells us:
"Wicked men and imposters will advance from bad to worse" -2 Tim. 3:13

Is there a realistic solution to this problem of senseless violence?
Yes, but more is needed than what imperfect mankind is capable of doing.
Real change of mind and heart is needed! How?

For a comforting answer to these questions please go to:


Click on "Publications" at the top of screen.
Choose: Awake - 2003- July 8 -A Realistic Solution-Is it Possible?

May the information found there comfort you as it has comforted me!

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sandyseashells said...

Thank you for the information. It is a crazy, sad world. But, I realize that we can find hope in the scriptures.