"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Strawberry Basil Coconut Ice Cream

 In my quest for dairy-free, sugar-free Ice Cream
I have decided to try Xylitol
It is derived from Birch trees.
It is said to have 40% fewer calories than processed sugar
And 75% less carb intake.  
First I add a large handful of fresh Basil leaves, ripped up
to 3/4 cup Xylitol and using my hands mash and mix
the basil into the xylitol
 Next I add fresh strawberry juice,
about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup.

  Next a can of FULL Fat coconut milk
Add 1/4 to 1/3 cup Coconut butter
Then top it off with store bought coconut milk 
(in the carton) till you have at least 2 2/3 cup liquid.
Add coconut milk mixture to strawberry mixture. Stir
I let that sit in room temperature for 1 hour.

 Pour mixture through a sieve, pressing basil gently.
Next I add a teaspoon of vanilla
 and 2 TBLS Amaretto, optional
(The alcohol in Amaretto makes the ice cream not freeze too hard.)
Stir and refrigerate 4 hours or over night. 
Process in ice cream maker. 

I did find that I prefer a liquid sweetner
over the xylitol, because it makes a smoother ice cream.

1 comment:

sandyseashells said...

You're so creative. I must try this new flavor of basil in ice cream.
I like strawberries,& Coconut, but basil in ice cream.. hmmm??