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Psalm 106:1
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breakfast Tortilla or Breakfast Burrito?

Do you know the difference?

For a Breakfast Tortilla: Shredded Cheese (Longhorn), Diced tomatoes, chopped green onions, chopped avocado, crispy fried bacon bits and salsa. In a small bowl, whip eggs with a fork. (You may add a little cream or milk if you want) Pour the egg mixture onto a dinner plate.

Dip your tortilla into the egg, like you do with french toast. Fry on griddle, use a little butter. Turn over and add your chopped ingredients and salsa. Roll it up and enjoy!

With a Breakfast Burrito the egg is on the inside, but with the Breakfast Tortilla the egg is on the outside. That's the difference! (These are great when you are camping)


Pedaling said...

these pics and turorial belong in a magazine.
big daddy makes the kids breakfast burritos on occasion.
nice post.

sandyseashells said...

I want one.

Gram said...

Both sound yummy to me.

The Vineyard said...

well now I know. Looks yummy.

Lulu said...

yum yum