"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My new addiction-

Yes, YoVille! It is a social/network/game you may play. It does curb my appetite for shopping and I am able to use some creativity in decorating my virtual Apartment. Without spending real money I can shop for clothes for my little avatar. (Avatar=little character, I think of my avatar as a virual paperdoll, named, Dalinda Annor.) I use my imagination too, because in my virtual world, yes, I did say my virtual world, I live with a number of toy penquins and monkees! They keep my life on line, busy.

Now, before you think I have gone completely bonkers, please let me explain. I can invite my freinds to play with me and some of them have excepted my invitation. I can entertain my guests in my decorated apt. and have conversations with them, and go out to eat, or dancing, even the beach!

Becky comes by quite often, here is her little, Hortense: This is my little Dalinda Annor:
All I can say is: "No I'm not completely nuts! It is cheaper than Air Fare to Chicago, and I can visit everyday if I want to."

Thanks Becky!


The Vineyard said...

Not maybe just a teensy bit crazy? LOL.

sweet older sister said...

Well, maybe a little crazy, but in a good way! Keeps me young!

Pedaling said...

that does sound fun...
with my addicting personality;
i had better stay far away!

sandyseashells said...

It's free and seems like a great escape. A "Play time".
I'll pop in and out, but I can't make the computer do what I want.
(that takes the fun of it.)
I'll keep trying and dancing with you though.

JennyMac said...

HAHA...this made me laugh. and a bit crazy, yes.

Gram said...

I am glad you are having fun with family and friends on facebook. I still get confused on facebook. Sandy lets me use her computer and I still check the blogs when I have a chance.

Gram said...
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