"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Know Its Spring......

When you get some rain showers

When the Iris are in bloom!

And the daffodils are sunny and bright

And it wouldn't be spring without a mess of new kittens!


Gram said...

Spring has come in California and Spring has arrived at my door an hour ago. A door bell called me to my door and I found a box that was delivered to me. In the box I found pretty colorful Spring tulips that are now in my house. Thank you Ronna and Dennis. Spring is a time
for me to renew myself.

sandyseashells said...

Spring is popping out all over here too in North Carolina. Lots of new kind of blossoms and flowers I haven't seen before.
But....no kitty's.:(

Pedaling said...

more kittens? oh my!

you're the crazy cat lady!

I love spring, but I like summer even better!