"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Painted Earth ????

It has been so hot and humid here we can not hardly move!
How do they breath in Florida with so much water in the air?
(I will have to ask my email friend Ronna of Florida)

So. ..our swamp coolers don't work so well in the humidity
and we were getting pretty uncomfortable on Saturday
What to do? Where to go? 

Everyone seemed to be headed for the Beach!
But do I really want to fight traffic in this heat?
NO! The mall has A/C. but not very relaxing.
The Barnes and Nobles Book store might be good, 
but the aisles are a little crowded for Dennis
I know! Let's try Painted Earth!

  Dennis and I have found it to be very relaxing
It was not crowded 
It was Air Conditioned
We could stay as long as we wanted
and they had soft enjoyable music
One day....
 We took Zane and Koen and they painted .....

Dennis and I painted some pieces too!
I will post them at a later date. 


Pedaling said...

Baylee went to a place liked that and really enjoyed it.
Those 2 little piggy banks are true works of creativity in action!

(ugghh, 3rd time trying you word verification....grrrr)

now 4th time
5th time

sandyseashells said...

that looks like a interesting thing to do. I've never been to something like that. I'll be interested to see what you two created.

and that 'word verif.' thing to prove I'm not a robot, pisses me off too. No, I'm not a robot! I'm an old woman that can't see the stupid letters.

Ronna McKay said...

Oh man .... I think I already put in my email to you before you could ask me that it is really HOT here in Florida. I feel your pain. Air conditioning is a nice thing. :)