"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Thursday, July 30, 2009

People Believe What They Want to Believe

So says our Uncle Jack!
I think he is right! People do believe what they want to.

That's why there are so many different religions in the world today. What do you think? Will mankind ever unitedly serve God to His glory? If mankind adopts our Heavenly Father's way of thinking, would worldwide unity be possible? How though can we know our Creator's intimate thoughts? One way is by observing the creation around us, even our own bodies, contemplating on how wonderfully made we are! Everything that man has invented has already existed some where in nature. We can learn about God's qualities by observing the book of creation. (Romans 1:20)

What about the laws that govern man? Does God give us guidelines on how to live the life he gave us? Yes, while we are endowed with free will, we are not left to ourselves to figure things out. As a loving Father who cares for his children God gave us written information. We learn about God's thoughts and feelings, yes, His viewpoint and what he requires of us. We can then, as loving children imitate the One who made the heavens and the earth! (Isaiah 48:17; Ps 25:8, 9)

He used some 40 human secretaries over a period of 16 centuries to record it, but God himself actively directed the writing by his holy spirit. The Bible truly is inspired by God. (2 Tim 3:16, 17)

"Everyone has his own interpretation of the Bible." Have you heard that statement before? It is obvious not all interpretations are right. We can show respect for God's word by not twisting the Scriptures to fit our own ideas. That course could result in lasting harm. (2 Peter 3:15, 16)

How then can we know we have the correct interpretation? Two things can help us to understand the Bible correctly. First, consider the context (surrounding verses) of any statement. Next, compare texts with other statements in the Bible that deal with the same subject. When we do that we are allowing God's word to guide our thinking, and the interpretation is not ours but His. This is what I endeavor to do when posting Bible thoughts. (Also, we ask in prayer to understand God's thoughts)

We can decide for ourselves what is good and what is bad. Or, we can submit to God's right to decide what is good for us and what is bad for us. After all no one knows what we need better than our Creator.
May we exercise our free will properly by applying God's word in our lives, making necessary adjustments when needed. Doing so with the desire to please our Heavenly Father, Jehovah.


sandyseashells said...

I think that is, a good thing to remember when we are reading and studying the scriptures. That's how I was taught.
The bible is the Word of God.

sweet older sister said...

Yes, we were very blessed to have parents and Grandparents that taught us to have a deep respect for God's Word.

Pedaling said...

very nice post.
i agree.