"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I Should Have Been an Architect-


A Vertical garden by landscape architect Ameila B. Lima

I love outdoor spaces with lush plant life, arranged in a thoughtful manner. I have many gardens planned in my mind. Too bad I must work work work in an office. Oh well, my time will come. (Ps 145:16) In the meantime, I will enjoy other peoples artful arrangements. I hope you enjoy them too!

I very much like the idea of a wall of plants in a narrow space. It kinda reminds me of what the hanging gardens of ancient Babylon must have been like. To see more of Amelia's work you can go to her website.



The Vineyard said...

I really really liked A River Runs Through it. And might be able to convince Dan to so something similar on our side yard in the back.

In the wine country said...

I liked that one too, Jen!

Pedaling said...

i need something like that in my backyard!

sandyseashells said...

while traveling, ( which I've done a lot lately) I was just reading about the benefits of some plants, (house or otherwise)

Palms, rubber plant, & something else, I can' remember. are really good to have around you.
I just commented to Greg about that GIANT Rubber plant that mom had in front of our picture window in Mesa, and how Big it got over the years.
Green plants around us, feel good!