"Give Thanks To Jehovah, For He is Good"
Psalm 106:1
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Will it ever End?

The Laundry .....that is!!!!!
There are only two of us, that I am responsible for and yet......
we have laundry to do each and every day.
However, it must be said, "I share my washing machine with my children,
some who drop in at unexpected times."
(I am always happy to see them)

I would love my laundry to look like this... alas! it never does!


Pedaling said...

that laundry basket on the bottom, must belong to martha stewart

i recently handed everyone's laundry over to do themselves...except for boo....cuz she's my baby.
so i do hers,mine and teds and i love it!

The Vineyard said...

I hear you, Aunt Ronna.

sweet older sister said...

Pedaling: It is a great thing for a mother to allow her children to do their own laundry. I did that too! Made life so much simpler for me, and gave the children another step to adulthood.

Vineyard: I should not complain in your presence, as I remember the loads of laundry I did when my kids were young. Dennis was a big help in the laundry dept. (All my children up to Dakota, had real diapers, not pampers)

The Vineyard said...
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Shauna* said...

laundry is a pain in the butt.
but I love warm clothes straight out of the dryer!!!

sandyseashells said...

Martha Stewart is right, Sheila.

When you don't have the convienence
of a washer & dryer in your house I have discovered you have less laundry, because you dread going to the laundry mat. But once you go, you can load up 4 washers and do it all in the time 1/4 of the time, and then you fold em up while you take them out of dryer, so you can carry them home.
there's positives and negatives to everything.

Absinthe?? Sounds like a sedative for undiagnoised crazy woman. ??lol.

The Vineyard said...

Were you complaining?